Ways To Make Your Community Healthier

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A single person can make a difference in a thousand different ways. You just don’t know how much your one small action can change yourself, the people around you, and your community.

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The well-being and lifespan of a person are much affected by the state and condition of his neighborhood and community, in general. Your location describes the safety of your drinking water, the nutritional content of the foods you eat, the frequency of exercising, and cleanliness of the air around you.

Fifty research studies revealed that 30% of the overall death incidents in the United States every year are accountable to the social aspects like the physical condition of the surroundings and the quality of welfare services. This includes the population living in areas with fewer welfare services and the dangerous regions. With this, people may likely experience early death.

There are lots of simple things that you and your community can do to help build a healthier society. The following are tips on how to support everyone to live a good quality of life.

Grow Healthy Food.

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Your backyard grown fruits and vegetables, fertilized with compost and without commercial pesticides are much healthier compared to those displayed on malls and supermarkets. Reducing transportation with vehicles will also lessen the harmful effects of carbon emissions. You may likewise swap goods with your neighbors who are growing a fruit and vegetable garden. If the community is not yet familiar with gardening, you may ask the local government to build a central farmer’s market. It is also advisable for restaurants and schools to offer a healthier menu for the residents.

Make Your Community Walkable And Bikeable – Even At Night!

The likelihood of being obese is 6% more possible with every hour you spend on a car each day. There are lots of harmful diseases which might spring from obesity. Furthermore, the large volume of vehicles on the road may result in the emission of greenhouse gasses and hazards which might endanger the lives of humans and animals.

Advocating the community to take a walk and ride a bicycle will significantly contribute to a healthy lifestyle. You may also ask the local officials to make lanes for bikes and pedestrian. Furthermore, imposing a speed limit for vehicles would help save the lives of people, as shown by the research of AAA during 2011.

Support Local Shops And Home Grown Businesses

Shopping from local businesses don’t only help them earn a living; it also improves the health of the people. By taking a walk and riding a bicycle when shopping, they can exercise their bodies and reduce the carbon emission of vehicles. Moreover, patronizing community products help build a strong economy, thus, improving health services and saving lives. Poor mental and physical health is associated with the economy’s income and security.

Always Test The Tap Water

Having safe drinking water is essential as reminded by the crisis of lead-poisoning in Flint Michigan. Every public water organizations are forced by the law to enumerate the levels of contaminants together with the pathogens and heavy metals. To be sure, you may ask the health department of your locality to conduct an independent test for your tap water. On the other hand, if your area is dependent on private wells, a routine check is vital, since well waters are not regulated.

Reduce The Waste Within Your Neighborhood Starting From Your Home

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Litters and garbage aren’t just irritating to see. They are also hazardous for children, animals and the entire society. Improperly disposed trash may result in flooding during the storm, hurt the animals and spread harmful bacteria and contaminants.

Whenever you see trash, have the initiative to pick it up or conduct clean-ups in your neighborhood. Make a compost pit instead of dumping yard waste and food scraps. Composting helps in reducing greenhouse since landfills and transport waste fuels will be lessened.

A Part Two of this topic will be released soon. Watch out for more ways to make your community healthier!

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