2015 Indianapolis Bullying Prevention Campaign – School Kids Learn About Bullying Facts

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During the 2015 Indianapolis Bullying Prevention Campaign sponsored by the Indianapolis Police Foundation and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), kids learned about bullying and everything about it.

It was hard growing up for me because I was constantly bullied back then. Bullying on me by other kids in school started as a joke – “hey, you look like you didn’t take a bath,” or “your clothes are so dirty,” and “we don’t want to get near you because you have cooties.” One or two kids in my class started this teasing on me until the whole 4th grade was calling me names – Josie Grossie, Cooties Girl, Goatie, and all the other mean words.

It’s not true that I didn’t take a bath. My clothes weren’t dirty. And no, I didn’t have cooties either. It’s just that I looked plain. My jeans and shirts were old, if not hand-me-downs from cousins. It wasn’t cooties that I had. I suffered from psoriasis since my immune system was hyperactive. My mom was a single parent and treatment for my skin issue at that time wasn’t the best. The main problem with me at that time was that we were poor. My being poor, in a way, was the reason they bullied me.


For this, I firmly believe that bullying prevention campaigns are necessary especially in schools. Kids must be educated about these facts because they need to understand that their classmates and friends will get hurt by their simple teasing. Teasing can then lead to bullying, and when the bullying starts, it’s difficult to pull back from it.

It was a good thing that even at a young age, I was a fighter. I survived their bullying tactics on me up until high school, and it also turned me into a better person. Right now, I am a psychologist, helping those who are bullied. It’s not the same for everyone though – I know someone who killed himself because of bullying at age 14. Fourteen years old! So yes, let’s support these campaigns, and let’s teach our kids that bullying is not cool.

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