2016 Sacramento Bullying Prevention Month – The Focus On Silent Signs

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There are several topics in the discussion of the 2016 Sacramento Bullying Prevention Month, and one of the highlights is the identification of the silent signs of bullying. With children experiencing difficulty in school, it is normal for them to feel threatened. The situation leaves them with emotional and psychological problems which are somehow hard to notice. That is especially when children are afraid the condition might put them in a worse state.

Source: health.mil

The Silent Signs

Physical marks are one of the most visible signs of bullying. Though there might be a time that children deny incidents concerning the act, the bruises in their body don’t lie. Parents, guardians, and teachers should act immediately.

The advocacy of bullying prevention month emphasizes the unnoticeable signs children are undergoing. These include frequent stomachaches and headaches. Both are a manifestation that these kids are under extreme pressure and stress of bullying. That’s because kids usually use these physical symptoms as an excuse to avoid going to school.

Along with frequent complain of physical discomforts, children’s sudden change in friendship is also a warning sign. The uneasiness they feel with their peers is signaling reluctance in hanging out with the people they used to spend time with. Also, when they devalue people and start choosing isolation, there’s a high chance that the kids are suffering from bullying.

Anxiety and intense emotional reaction over a conversation that talks about school or any activities related to it are silent signs of bullying. School holds an environment that is conducive for kids’ development, so when kids see it differently, that’s the time parents must investigate.

Source: defense.gov

Bullied children suffer emotional and mental issues. That’s the reason why they must have a strong support system. Their family and friends should become aware of the silent signs they are showing before it becomes too late.

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