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How To Deal With A Traumatic Childhood

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Each person has a different story about growing up. There are those who were so lucky enough to enjoy a good childhood that is full of love from their family. On the other hand, there are also some who were unfortunate to be abandoned and neglected at an early stage. The latter group is composed of people who ended up experiencing childhood trauma. Unfortunately, this trauma is preventing most of these persons from having a good life. If you are one of these individuals, do not fret because you still have a chance to turn your life around.




This article aims to help several people understand what it means to have a childhood trauma and how to deal with this issue. Keep in mind that you can never change the past, but you can have ways on how to improve the future. Remember that you are only one step away from having the kind of life that you truly deserve. Below are some of the ideal things that you need to master so that you can overcome childhood trauma:


Look Forward And Not Backward

Take note that you have been through enough already and it is time to move on from your bad past. Do not let anything or anyone hold you back from having a wonderful future that is full of hope and happiness. Stop looking back to what happened in the past. As much as possible, look into the future days so that you can shift your focus to new beginnings. As already mentioned above, there is nothing that you can do to alter the events in the past. The more you keep on leaning to the past, the more hurt you become.


Remember The Good Times

There are probably several moments in your childhood that made you feel happy and thankful. Try to replace the negative memories with the good times so that you can start living the kind of life that you deserve. Always remember to deal with what life has given you in a smart way. You cannot run away from the past, but it doesn’t mean that you can allow it to haunt you forever. Sometimes, having a selective memory can help you a lot in moving on from a traumatic childhood. In a case where no good memories come to mind, you can start dedicating yourself into creating new ones in your present life.






 Forgive The People Who Hurt You

Who are the persons who caused you emotional pain when you were still a child? Were you abused physically or verbally? Did you experience stress and anxiety because of these individuals? While it may be easy to get mad at them, the best thing that you can do is to give forgiveness even if they have not asked for it. Remember that the more you keep anger and grudge within you, the more difficult it would be on your part to move on with life. Hence, do not hesitate to let go of negativity by forgiving the persons who made you suffer in the past. Do not give them the power to take hold of your life. Otherwise, you will never get past the grieving stage.


Talk To A Therapist

If you believe that childhood trauma has made you severely depressed or sad, feel free to get in touch with a therapist who is an expert in the mental health industry. Look for a professional who can provide you with the right treatment so that you can get better. Take note that there is a specific or different approach for a particular kind of trauma. For this reason, it is imperative on your part to look for a professional therapist who is good at what he does. Be careful in the selection process so that you will not commit a mistake. Talking to a licensed therapist can somehow take the emotional burden away.


Keep Yourself Busy And Happy

If you want to forget about what happened in the past, then make sure to invest your time in things or people that make you feel happy. Stop wasting your time into doing something that will only add stress in your life. Fortunately, there are thousands of ways on how you can achieve ultimate bliss. All that you have to do is to look for your passion and dedicate yourself into doing it. The more you continue doing what makes you happy, the easier it would be for you to move past the childhood trauma. Always aim for your own happiness because it is the smart thing to do.




Childhood trauma is not easy to forget, but with the right mindset and attitude, everything is possible. Talk to a loved one if you need emotional support during difficult times. Continue to work hard in getting over the traumatic experiences brought by your childhood days.




2016 Sacramento Bullying Prevention Month – The Focus On Silent Signs

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There are several topics in the discussion of the 2016 Sacramento Bullying Prevention Month, and one of the highlights is the identification of the silent signs of bullying. With children experiencing difficulty in school, it is normal for them to feel threatened. The situation leaves them with emotional and psychological problems which are somehow hard to notice. That is especially when children are afraid the condition might put them in a worse state.


The Silent Signs

Physical marks are one of the most visible signs of bullying. Though there might be a time that children deny incidents concerning the act, the bruises in their body don’t lie. Parents, guardians, and teachers should act immediately.

The advocacy of bullying prevention month emphasizes the unnoticeable signs children are undergoing. These include frequent stomachaches and headaches. Both are a manifestation that these kids are under extreme pressure and stress of bullying. That’s because kids usually use these physical symptoms as an excuse to avoid going to school.

Along with frequent complain of physical discomforts, children’s sudden change in friendship is also a warning sign. The uneasiness they feel with their peers is signaling reluctance in hanging out with the people they used to spend time with. Also, when they devalue people and start choosing isolation, there’s a high chance that the kids are suffering from bullying.

Anxiety and intense emotional reaction over a conversation that talks about school or any activities related to it are silent signs of bullying. School holds an environment that is conducive for kids’ development, so when kids see it differently, that’s the time parents must investigate.


Bullied children suffer emotional and mental issues. That’s the reason why they must have a strong support system. Their family and friends should become aware of the silent signs they are showing before it becomes too late.

4 Hobbies Which Are Scientifically Proven To Improve Mental Health

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In the past decades, people spend their days doing their hobbies. It was a regular sight to see couples taking dancing classes, a brother enrolled in a sports clinic, or friends going for bowling. These days, however, technology has taken over. Because of this, studies show that mental health problems are rapidly rising while time spent on hobbies is going down. Read More